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Career Coaching

Looking to accelerate your career?

Most people struggle at least once in their career with finding a job they love, staying engaged in a job they used to like, or planning a next move if they’re unhappy at work.

All are challenging situations, but perhaps the most daunting is making a professional change when you’re confused, worried, angry, or afraid. Do you want to stay in your field with a different employer? Are you ready for a lateral or similar role? Or is an about-face your only way out?

Career coaching can help

Career coaching can answer these questions. At Orange County Resumes, our coaches are trained and experienced career coaches. We are ready to help you discover a best-fit career that exercises your strengths, complements your values, and aligns with your interests.

Why career coaching?

An experienced career coach is good at looking beneath the surface of your experience to find talents you never knew were there.

Your coach will ask questions you never considered and help you review your situation more objectively, parse it into options and opportunities, and create a plan to get you moving—which is the first, and oftentimes the worst, step of changing course.